A Case of Traumatic Optic Neuropathy Due to Lateral Compression
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Traumatic optic neuropathy
optic nerve decompression
orbital apex

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C R, D R, A VN, I MJ. A Case of Traumatic Optic Neuropathy Due to Lateral Compression. jbcahs [Internet]. 30Jun.2018 [cited 17Feb.2019];2(2):98. Available from: https://www.jbcahs.org/journal/article/view/100


Traumatic optic neuropathy due to injury at the orbital apex is not uncommon. In this case report we present a case of traumatic optic neuropathy due to bony fragment of the lateral wall of the orbit impinging on the optic nerve which was successfully decompressed with open reduction and internal fixation.  



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